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Raise funds for your cause by collaborating with us

As an independent charity, we understand only too well the challenges of securing enough funding to survive. And we want to help our schools and their wider communities to have the resources they need to help children and their families’ well-being and future prospects. So we decided right from the start to adopt a ‘collaborative fundraising’ approach. This means we take on all the costs associated with organising fundraising events – staffing, resources, promotion, stewarding, and so on – and we share the funds generated. Each participant names their chosen charity or volunteer group, from a local PTA to a major national cause, which then receives 70 per cent of sponsorship raised by that individual. We even provide an e-toolkit to help charities rustle up participants via their newsletters and social media.

Together, we really do make a difference and we hope you will join us on our journey.

Raise funds for your charity In five simple steps:

1. Register as a collaborative charity partner by completing the form below.

2. Let us know which of our Challenge Events you wish to be involved with. You will be notified if your request to join the event has been accepted.

3. A toolkit incorporating a story, photo and poster will be sent out so you can start promoting the event to your supporters via newsletters, email bulletins and social media.

4. Encourage your supporters to visit the KM Charity Team website to book their Challenge Event and select your good cause.

5. Receive a cheque after the event and put it into your charity’s bank.

It’s that easy!

The money

  • There is no cost or risk to your charity.
  • Each participant will need to pay a small registration fee, which helps us cover event organisation costs. Participants are asked to aim to raise at least £75.
  • We handle all aspects of the event from booking places, stewarding and banking proceeds. Participants must use KM Charity Team JustGiving pages. They can set these up here:
  • Proceeds raised by your supporters are typically divided on a 70:30 ratio with 70 per cent going to your charity or good cause and 30 per cent retained by the KM Charity Team. Your percentage is ring-fenced and guaranteed. If, after event costs, we make a profit from our percentage, then surplus funds are used to support the children’s green travel and literacy programmes at the KM Charity Team.
  • Our target is to get cheques presented to good causes eight weeks after a KM Challenge Event.

If you have any questions when completing the form below, phone 01227 475966 for more information.

Small print

Challenge activity on the day of events is run by professional organisations that have public liability insurance cover. The Kent and Medway Charity Team accepts no liability from these events and simply supports the promotion and administration of the activities and is a beneficiary of all or part of the proceeds depending on the particular event. The charity team does have contingency insurance for all aspects of events.

Contact us

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